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The battery is an energy storage device in the form of chemical energy. When we use, this energy will be gradually converted into electricity.
  Batteries power supply is operating for almost all portable devices now because it has the advantages of small, lightweight, stable supply voltage.
Voltage of the battery:
   Voltage measured in volts (Volt) - (V). When we give two different conductive materials such as copper, zinc, ... in an electrolyte solution such as salt, alkali, acid ... I will be a pair of electrodes with bipolar voltage depends on the material creation. With the Batteries as Batteries rabbit, the batteries in the system manganese - zinc as well as non-rechargeable batteries are the default voltage is 1.5V per member. Nickel batteries (Ni-Cd), metal hydrid (Ni-MH) and voltage is 1.2V per member. With such Li-ion Batteries, the voltage for each member is 3.7 V. It can be connected in series, parallel or a combination of the two to create the block battery voltage and higher capacity. The voltage of the battery must be consistent with the specified device. Using the wrong battery voltage can damage your equipment.
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