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Company News » Anniversary Battery Hanoi 50 years of construction and development

1 - 1-1960 marked the birth of the plant now Van Dien Battery Company Battery Hanoi, is the first and only factory in the North at that time production and supply batteries for defense security and other purposes of the national economy - with the original design capacity: 5 million batteries / cases / year.
Over the destructive war of American imperialism with severe consequences: evacuated twice, three times raiding aircraft, nearly 20 siblings officers and employees to sacrifice, with 7 e / c is accessible Give martyrs. By unyielding wills and the revolutionary tradition of heroic doingu workers were trained in fire bullets as far promoted. Only a short time after the machine has been restored and put into production stability.
During the period of "innovation", especially since the early 1990s, Hanoi Battery Company is the pioneer in the investment in technology and innovation in modern equipment.
For integration with regional markets and international guidelines and the policy of the Party and the authorization of the Ministry of Industry, from Days 1 - 1-2004 Battery Company Hanoi from state enterprises converted into Company Hanoi Battery Joint Stock, operating under the Enterprise Law.
In recent years, in order to expand the market and confirms its position in the battery manufacturing industry in Vietnam, the company has invested 100% innovative equipment and technology of cooking system rolled zinc, copper stamping trend, stamping pipes and galvanized production line battery R20 (D), R14 (C), R6 (AA), R03 (AAA) with machinery and paper laced lakes battery technology, advanced and highly productive environmentally friendly. In addition to innovative devices, in early 2002 the company has developed and applied certified quality management standard ISO 9001-2000 (now ISO 9001-2008). The company has developed science and technology roadmap and strategic development of science and technology in 2020, so the products of the company Rabbit Pin achieve stability on the quality and variety of designs as well as standard products environmentally friendly. (The quality of the products of the Rabbit Battery Battery Joint Stock Company Hanoi always exceeded the norms of international standards IEC).
By always looking for something new in technology, production management and create investment capital for development should have taken Corporation Hanoi Pin the top units in the battery manufacturing industry nationwide, providing Pin 200 million pieces of all kinds for domestic and foreign markets. By reputation and quality, system sales of the company products are constantly being expanded. Currently, the dealer network product sales of 3 companies located throughout North - Central - South concurrently expanding and developing agents to sell products in markets Laos, Cambodia and other countries in Asia Africa, East Asia. Pin "Rabbit" about 40% market share nationwide domestic battery, contributing to market stability, providing consumers with Vietnam battery products quality stable.
Fifty years of existence and development (1960 - 2010), Battery Joint Stock Company Hanoi has undergone an arduous journey, hard, challenging and glory from a factory inception has produced small amount, so far as one of the producers and the largest battery suppliers across the country, there are many technologies and new equipment investment from the factory where bombs were destroying enemy raiding, become a unit infrastructure rebuilt spacious and clean, secure environment, the company's products are widely consumed in the country with the inferior quality of the water batteries of the same type in region. With what has been and will be, JSC Hanoi Battery worthy of honors: Unit heroic armed forces in 2001, First Class Labor Medal, 2000; 03 Second-class Labor Medal in 1966, 1976, 1981; Resistance Runners Medal in 1973; 02 Third Victory Medal 1966, 2000. Pin R20C products and continuously R6P gold medal at the International Exhibition of Industry Vietnam Hang from 1993, Title Vietnam High Quality Goods by consumers voted in 1998 to date; stand strong brands in the Top 100 in 2006, now Certification scientific and technical applications typical of 2009 Gold Cup Typical products 2010.Hien 1000th year this is the exclusive distributor of battery products GP Group - Hong Kong.
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